How to get dad to work on his own car(mustang)

I have tried many attempts for the last several years trying to get my father to work on his own Mustang. With this it just sits there and rots. He has now turned over to do doing more of the following- Wedding Party’s(I guess he try’s to impress people…you know the guy you want to punch there since he isn’t even part of the wedding), Baby showers, Christmas Cards, Going to reunions on were people are celebrating there weddings(50-60th anniversary for them and he is not even part of there family even). These are not manly things. So what has come of my father. The man that use to tell me that my zx2 will become nothing and its not a man’s car. Give me idea’s to help make him a man.

Buffalo wings, extra spicy. lol. We’ll be able to see if he’s still a man. Have him watch spike tv on Saturday or Sunday mornings. The powerblock tv gets me read to do some work!

Per our conversation:

“Dad, you’re gonna come help me on my MUSTANG, a MAN’S CAR or i’m going to tell your friends you chose to go to a babyshower instead of working on a MAN’S CAR.”

“All your friends will know you enjoy poofy pink fluffy bunnies and carrot cake with nifty little booties and bibs instead of raw horsepower and burnouts.”

threaten to tell his friends

“What would (best friend’s name) say if he knew you liked pink fluffy bunnies and booties and bibs over a mustang, dad.”

“Sorry, i couldn’t help my son on his mustang, i had to go to a babyshower with pink fluffy bunnies and shit, i love those cute lil’ things.”

we must scare him back into manly submission. he has clearly lost sight of what it is to be a man.

wedding parties, baby showers, christmas cards.
these are not of manly origin.

beer, sweet rave parties and mustangs. these are the things of man.

bibs, bunnies and pink fluffy stuff… these are not of manly origin.

wrenches, big fucking hammers and power tools. these are the things of man.

unless this is an issue (underage, alcoholism) get a 12 pack and yank him into the garage

You do know that when you get to our age you have to go to some pretty strange places to meet chicks…dont you? lol

ha ha I do think that is why he is doing it. So he can try to meet other single chicks. At least this weekend I got the front brakes done on his Mustang. But I know the rears will take another month since he is slow at getting parts now. I would yank him and get him to drink some beer…problem is he doesn’t like beer either hahaha.

I bet he’ll really love you if you’d restock the coffee and sugar for him… :sunglasses:

Grab me a plane ticket and some cap n coke… i’ll have him workign on it in no time :wink: lol jk

ok… then… that leaves you with no other choice… you need to attend a wedding, find a chick for pops and put her in the garage.

ha ha. I don’t think my dad would go for a chick that like cars and wants to work in the garage. He would feel that he is the man and not her and she shouldn’t be in there since she doesn’t know what she is doing. He wants a girl to go out and party/hang out with or something.

lol, I didnt say she had to be working… just neked!

That would be a good idea…just ask for a stripper to come over or something