how to adjust idle?

I am planning to sell my SCT.

after taking it out, i realize the idle is around 500-600rpm on my atx zx2.

can i adjust the idle by the throttle cable? or is there any way i can adjust the idle with out sct?

as far as i know-- no, the computer will re-adjust any changes you make

Either have it tuned (the chip) or you could start unplugging vacuum tubes, that’ll raise it for ya! Although I don’t think that’d be the right way to go about doing it.

Don’t worry, ALL ZX2s suffer from the low idle rumbly bumbly rattle you get. Shaky… annoying… I like to think of it as a mean sports car how everything shakes, except that aside from the point that they aren’t race cars, they just shake like one at idle, lol.