Holy crap! Installed my ZX600 shock last night... and...

[size=99px]http://koihoshi.boombaprojects.com/imag … 6shock.JPG[/url]

[url=http://koihoshi.boombaprojects.com/images/250r/zx6shock2.JPG]http://koihoshi.boombaprojects.com/imag ... shock2.JPG[/url] [url=http://koihoshi.boombaprojects.com/images/250r/oemshock.JPG]http://koihoshi.boombaprojects.com/imag ... mshock.JPG[/url]

If you look at the oem pic and then the zx6 shock, you’ll be like “WTF is that shock even a shock? That looks like a stick with a spring…”

Way way better handling :slight_smile:


  • Darron


I havent been riding lately for some reason… oh yeah my insurance company is trying to rip me a new a$$ for liability only…

Glad you like it!

Wahoo!! Glad that you are happy dude:) Its always nice to like something after you upgrade:)


mark, a new ass for liability ONLY? Have you tried statefarm?

yeah im working on the whole insurance thing. for some reason I can not find cheap insurance here that I trust.

BTW the bike insurance thing was straightened out. They took off the increase they put on becuase I called them out, just like they tried doing on my last bike.