hi everyone

what is up everyone? just wondering who is still out there tuning… lol. and to say hey to all the old timers of the forums :wink:

How you doing MiscaD. Where have you been?

w3rd! whats up?

Where you been hiding?

long time no see bro…how are things?

i have been here same place, but just been busy with work and life now… gave up on moddin the z, jsut wasting to mch $ on it… all n all i been good

Welcome back, old school.

Who the hell is this guy? :mrgreen:

What’s up Misca! Long time no see.


Daniel, wow :-o…good to see you

sup man,hows u an the woman? married yet?

we’re doing well…getting married on August 11th then moving to FL

FL!?? why lol

I’ll be going to school in Daytona for 4 years…then we’ll be back to PA