hey everyone. i’m vit’s lil bro, but i don’t own a z. being vit’s bro i have a lot knowkledge about the zx2 (well, more than the guy next to me). i decided to join this site even tho i’ve known about it for a while. didn’t u guys have more than 1000 members? i’m a poster at nwzx2.com, even tho i haven’t posted ther for a month, and i’m a member at zx2-riders.com, they have a good site. i don’t like teamzx2 because they abuse they’re power there(my bro does the same.) i like the home page, but the forum needs some work, overall, i like the site.

Welcome to the forum.

I took a look at Zx2-Riders and nwzx2. I can’t say that I’m really happy about the design setup, I find it much easier to look stuff up through this forum.

An added bonus is that most people in this forum will take the time to answer questions. I rarely see any BS here. We learn though eachother and that’s is the best way in my opinion.

Just be open minded and don’t hold your nose up to high.

But it’s good to get new members, “Welcome to the Site!”

Hey, welcome! I agree about TeamZX2. It’s a great source of info, and so far I haven’t had any issues with @$$holes when I ask questions, but that’s 'cause the only ones I ask there are ones I can’t get answered here…which aren’t very many anymore. Anywho, welcome again!

  • Darron

Yea, some of the admins (mainly Vit) screw w/ peoples profiles and stuff.

well… thats messed up for admin to do…

but, lets not try to site bash, we are ultimately all after the same goal.

Welcome to our site Vits little brother! I hope you enjoy your stay here, and we do have a very healthy and helpful atmosphere that you dont see at other sites.

It dont matter that you dont have a zx2!!!

Welcome to the forum and hopefuly we can answer or help you out. Also don’t forget to get yourself a gallery on the site and host your pics. I am still working on making the forum blend in with the rest of the site. Hopefuly it will be done by x-mas. I am glad you like the site. At the peak we had almost 5000 members but have since then gotten alot smaller due to the zx2’s death. There is also a new project in the works for a online car/truck everything under the sun magazine/forum and all that good stuff. So stick around :wink:

Once again Welcome.



Ha! Vit’s younger brother, this should be good. Welcome to the site.

he’s an asshole, my own bro does that to me!

why would this be good? i’m the opposite of vit.

zx2ms- what’s the site gonna be called?

zx2-riders is growing really fast for a zx2 site. nwzx2 isn’t really a serious site (vit, JohnZ and p0wder run it.) this seems like a friendly site, and for the amount of members, there’s a lot of posting. i’ve never got so many replies from a “hey” topic before.

lil about me-

16 yrs. old, junior in highschool, car- 96 saturn sl1, work at mcdonalds (first job.) i want a zx2, but theyre over priced these days, especially in oregon. i want a z and don’t want a z at the same time. being the bro of vit, i’ve experienced too many tranny swaps. if i ever get a z, i will go for show, no go (cept for intake, header, exhaust, coilovers.) MiscaD inspired me, his car is amazing (he’s selling it, but i don’t have $6500) single–but look at my name, who needs a GF. i have another bro (called “integra boy” by some, he never goes to forums) he’s dumbass, he has no common sense, i have too many stories about experiences w/ him, i’ve been arrested w/ him, almost died too many times, fixed his car when he bought it totaled for $4000…too much.

i’ll be stickin around, i have a love for the zx2, i don’t know how it happened, i used to hate it.

If i ever get a z, i will go for show, no go (cept for intake, header, exhaust, coilovers.)

That will never happen. Once you get that intake, header and the next mod, you will be hooked. Start saving. But it’s a good thing.

Not sure of the name yet. If you have one let me know!

Ahh, I’m just got alot of energy being inside all day with this northeaster. Had no idea you have a brain unlike your brother.

P.S. Don’t let the ZX2’s tranny blues deter you from getting one. My mission here is to put an end to that and I am doing so with the Quaife LSD! Muahahhaha!

my bro has problems and i realize that (i gotta live w/ him) i’m not like that, i’m a nice guy.

as to a name for the new site…PROformanceTuning, if it’s only a domestics site- DomesticCustomz. IllegalRacer sounds good to me. TotallyCustomz, StreetMotorSpost (StreetMS- so people know it’s done by a zx2MS guy.) well that’s all i go right now.

That makes me mad, it is extremely disrespectful. I’ve never once done that to the members on my forums that I’ve owned, a profile is a personalized public statement. Messing with it if it’s someone you know is one thing if they have a sense of humor but if you want to have any sort of professional and personable appearance and reputation with your website and your people, modifying their profiles will obtain anything BUT that.