Hey there, new guy with photos!

Not too sure on how to do this, but here’s a link to my car. Lots of work into it, but all worth it!

[url=http://www.nstuners.ca/forum/garage.php?mode=view_vehicle&CID=33]http://www.nstuners.ca/forum/garage.php ... cle&CID=33[/url]

What prompted you to upgrade your fuel rail?

Very nice, welcome.

With all the internal work I did, it just seemed to be the right thing to do. I felt, and was advised, to upgrade it because of the higher volume of fuel my new pump was capable of. I’m really impressed with the outcome of the whole job, with 194 wheel horses in the end. :smiley: Never thought I’d get that much out of it.

I only asked because the stock fuel rail was good for 300hp on average. My information is based off a few other tuners information.

Yeah, I heard that too. I just figured that while I was at it, why not?

Not bad. Is that 194 at the crank or the wheels? Just wondering. Keep up the good work. Love the steelies!!! :slight_smile:

  • Darron

194hp at the wheels. Steelies? :? Must have been an old photo. I’ve got alloy rims on it now. 5 spokes.

I’m referring to the pic with it on the trailer.

  • Darron

Yeah, I just figured that out :stuck_out_tongue:. That was taken this past summer when I was moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia. I had the car trailered out. One of my former neighbors thought my car was being repo’d when the guys loaded it on the trailer! I was kinda embarassed. Oh well. It made the trip with no damage, fortunately.

Yay! Another person with a silver zx2:) Welcome to the site. I love all of the blue underneath the hood, looks super sweet.


Thanks :slight_smile:. When I built the engine, it was a good opportunity to add some color to the engine bay. Blue seemed to go well. Only wish my Optima battery was blue to match…

very nice…

went with blue on my engine bay too, though no where near yours yet…

what kind of comp ratio you running?

Just takes time… Everything I worked on, seemed to turn blue!

194whp is the highest street driven N/A ZX2 I have yet to see in Over 4 years in the ZX2 community. I’ll congradualte you on all the work you did, very impressive especially the 14.1 pass on motor.

Where did you get your stroker kit from? Could you supply me with a link or contact person and approximate price. I’m also interested if this was a complete short block or DIY kit?

Wow, that’s an awesome build man. Looks great, and those are very nice numbers.

Thanks. I got the stroker kit through a shop in Ontario, Creative Customs. Not sure of his supplier, somewhere in Toronto, so I’ll get in touch with him, find out, and let you know. The block is new, and with the entire internals, pistons, rods, and all, I paid $3500 Cdn. Head work was done for me at Final Lap in Kingston, Ontario.

14:1 compression. No turbo for me!