I am Looking for solutions ! :?:

Had the MANUAL tran. rebuilt - 15,000 miles ago. It never was right. I just put ANOTHER used tran. in - it is starting to do the same thing the rebuilt one was doing - not engaging correctly (harsh engagement) during slow starts. Doesnt happen until it is hot. Also, harsh engagement when coming to stop after it is hot. WHY is this happening to me - I have $ 7,000.00 in this thing - please help




First off, welcome to our forum and site :slight_smile: Nice to see new faces all the time.

So essentially your new tranny is doing the same thing as the old tranny. So a few things come to mind. Since troubleshooting a car is a lot like troubleshooting the working parts of other things like computers etc i like to think of a process.

Part 1 is to first identify the problem. You’re having an issue engaging. Harsh engagement to be specific. So we know this can be a handful of things. Transmission related, clutch, and the shifter to be specific.

Part 2 is to identify any common issues. Now you said one tranny did it and now your second is doing it. So we need to narrow down common culprits. What all was replaced in the tranny in your swap to the new one? The clutch? Did you check your linkage?

Part 3 is to start trying to eliminate causes that are simple and see if it improves.

A couple questions to ask:

  • When engaging harshly the car engages fine when it is cold but NOT when it is hot, correct?
  • When engaging harshly, is it through ALL gears or SOME gears?

Things like bent forks can cause issues like this, also, if your linkage has crapped out it is possible there is enough flex as well that when things expand it is off enough to cause some serious shifting issues.

There is a thread in the how to section to check your linkage as well. Having loose linkage with horrible play can cause weird engagement issues.

If both of these things check out and they’re fine your next step would be to see if you have clutch issues, since once the clutch warms up if there is issues with the throwout bearing or such you could be having issues with it engaging as you shift.

If you double clutch does it engage fine?

Thanks for your reply,
Yes, it only happens when it is hot, and it only happens in the first two lower gears when accelerating very slowly in drive (automatic tran.). I am thinking either throttle sensor or vacuuum leak at thottle sensor hose . I had the shifter linkage adjusted, and it seems to be working.

ok now I’m really confused. The first post says its a manual and the third says automatic

i was going to say it sounds like clutch pedal height and pushrod adjustment until i read the automatic trans comment - lol.


LOL, yea, it automatic… :oops: