I cant stop buying parts , and upgrading my car , what do I do?

Quit your job–then there will be no money for all that nonsense

You mean both my jobs?..hahahahhaa I have two jobs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting…my bet would be to purchase as many parts as you can until you get to the point where you have to start putting them in. Then you can’t buy anymore. But this is only a temporary fix.

I’m still working on the complete remedy.

Get married, like me. then you won’t have money to buy parts. :roll:

:-o I have a turbo kit coming in the mail , but the car has so many miles on it , it will definitely blow up , so then I wont buy any more parts hopefully . Hey mirror when are we all gonna meet up again . I have to make sure I install before we have a meet .

Good question, I’ll ask around and see what is up.
Did you want to do it again up in the hills?
Or maybe we can get a track or something. has a post about getting a meeting together.

Are you going to cruise with us this time or bounce early again?

I’ll cruise with you guys .


I’ll find out dates and start prompting the ERDT guys for a local meet!

I need to get on buying that C-130 bigmouth to cart all us west coast guys over to the rest of you. :x

C-5 would work better I think… :mrgreen:

always welcome over here though bro…if I ever get stationed back out west I might actually get to meet some of ya’ll…