Help please with my Car

Im gonna be 16 soon and also be driving soon. I recently aquired my grandmothers car. She only put 13000 miles on it and bought it brand new. It is a 1998 Ford Escort Zx2. It has the alloy wheels, 6 cd changer, spolier, sun roof, etc. Sport model. Anyway the car is great, but tottally factory. I would like to do some stuff with it as in body kits or something. I dont know. But the one thing i have to change is the color. As you can see, it is a horrid girly green. Im a straight guy, but it really is a girly color. So what i am asking is for an opinion on what i should do and where should i start on this car. I also would like to integrate my ipod into the car. PLEASE give me ur advice.

haha who would have thought i’d see you here too, read up on the thread reply i posted for you on teamzx2 there buddy you got a few replies from people.

Lotta good people on this board :slight_smile:

yeah like derek said theres a lot of good ppl on here and welcome to the boards

theres a lot to be done on the ZX2 as far as body kits from the mild to the wild its your own personal preference but best of luck if you need anything dont hesatate to give a yell

Flat black…? :shock:

  • Darron

i have pics of what a zx2 looks like in that

Just check out this thread that we have put together on parts, location and pricing.

dude he posted on both forums and responded to neither thread on either forum lmao. Oh well.

I guess he isn’t serious at all, but that’s what happens when you are 15. Almost zero focus.

I just havent checked back lately. Take it for adults to get bent out of shape. But thank you all for the advice. I really like the way the car looks in blue. I think a lighter blue is actually alright. Does anyone have photos? Thanks,

Check this thread.

Thanks man. What kind of body kit do u have?

Man, you are lucky to come across a Z in that good of a condition. Plus welcome to the boards.

after thinking about i would keep that color its difrent i dont think ive seen a ZX2 thats kitted w/ your color but its your call like ive said theres wild rare kits like mine and than theres mild kits like ZX2ms’s wings west kit
ill do a exterior kit available tread very soon


Perhaps a Le Mans style stripe over the hood and top?

Welcome to the boards man. First off, dont worry about the body so much, maybe change the paint, but most of all, make sure you can be most small v6 cars out their. Put some money into making the car perform better. Keep the body mostly stock so you dont draw too much attention, so then its more embarrasing when you really rape someone off the line.

raises glass

sleeper cars rule!!!

There was a 4-door Tracer at NEM 04 that had all sorts of kits and wings plus gutted interior. Definitely a lot queen though. 20sec 1/4 mile. Don’t be that guy.

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20 seconds? Ouch…

Bet it sure looks nice as your passing it though