Help! I can't shift!

Basically, I was driving and went to shift into neutral. Something happened and I couldn’t shift into any gear - it was like there was no tension and I could move the shifter in big circles with no problem. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Could it be a missing clip? Worse? Is this something I could fix on my own?

Thanks for any suggestions.

hmm… I would check the linkage underneath your car at both the transmission and the stick. The bolts may have popped loose and fallen out. I cant think of any other reason, althought I do not understand enough about the internal workings of the transmission.

You can check them easily by jackiing the car up. You may need to remove your heat exhaust heat shield, but beyond that is your shifter linkage. Check where the shifter comes down through the floor (stick) and then follow the linkage (3/4" round bar) towards teh front of the car. You will see where the linkage goes into the transmission. Check there.

It might be the master and slve cylinder that have broken. That happened to me going to work.

can you feel the sift detents or is there nothing