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I have a 2000 ford escort zx2… i want to customize it. Its red with sunroof and auto windows and locks. The only mods i have made are red interior neons and a 10" audiobahn… As you guys know… a girl with a hot car = hot girl! well im a HOT GIRL who needs a HOT CAR! help me! my budget is almost not existant lol… im a waitress… enough said… help me out fellas!

theres more than a few ppl here that would be willing to help u out with low budget ideas and a few hook-ups on parts. Anything specific im me ill call tom to get price on it.
Some cheap mods: P.O.T.S. = 20$ or so
MX3 seats = 50$ to 75$
Used sway bar junk yard= 40$

i think HKS has a intake. I switching my cam gear if i do i’ll let u know

For $0 spent. Remove the lower air resonator. It’s located under the air where the Air Filter is. You will have to remove some bolts, but very easy. Then, while you have the air box out, cut/saw off the end of the air box. Look where it says “airfilter,” right after that (on the right side of the word) cut. This will alow more air flow through the air filter.

For $0-$20, remove the upper air resonator. This peice you will have to replace. Take notice that oneside of the pipe is larger than the other Just get a metal or even PVC40 I believe. It must be able to handle heat.

Now the next most expensive peice. Purchase a K&N air filter. $40 bucks.

Now you could get all of this off Ebay, sometimes of a cheaper price. So it’s worth looking at.

Other things to do are like dress up kits. Silicone tubes, steal braded, and paint will dress up your engine some.

request a gallery and post pics!! also HKS and Mirror have some solid proven modifications that they shared. those are the standards that most people upgrading their car go for first.

There are other options but being on a limited income it takes time to save for them.

Intake (iceman, hot shot, etc…) ~ $150 - $250
poly bushing ~ $40-$150
etc… on upward in cost…

Even though you already said your a waitress, and im assuming on a limited income, what is your budget for upgrading your car?

yeah my intake would be cheap like 50 bucks worth of cheap , and i also have some focus eibach lowering springs which should fit on the struts of the zx2 ( just dont ask how i got em lol) also have zxtuner low temp thermo stat brand new for 10 bucks and ford racing plug wires for like 30 bucks and the zxtuner strut bar is really cheap new

wow thanks guys… and yea you want pics of the car or the girl who is behind the wheel?? hahahahaha anyways i will pass your ideas on but i know absolutely nothing about how to do anything mechanical to my car…

forget about the car, i want pics of the hot girl

player keep it in your pants
nikki as far as the mods we listed there pretty simple to do exept the springs besides some zxtuners have got to be in arkansa s/p
if not we’ll walk u throuhgt it

Im with player!

dont worry we will help you modify your car. even if we have to walk from NY to help you!!!

post pics of both!

wow you guys are awesome! and by the way… im 16 so dont get too big of a hard on… although i dont think you obtain enough for that… anyways… im a tough chick! im not gonna take any shit because im a female so dont go there! anyways… i will work on gettin some pics up tomorrow… alright??? in the meantime… i thought i’d give you guys the perfect scenario here in Texarkana… i live in a city where you can drive down the road one way in texas and oncomming traffic is in arkansas! sweet huh? well anyways… this road is called “stateline”… makes sense dont it?! well anyways this is where we cruise and do some moderate racing… we hang out in local parkin lots and run from cops… interesting life i live

nice… just cross the street if they are after you huh?

On my next trip to Florida I’ll keep that in mind :wink:

If you want a gallery to post pics on here just make sure you register to the main site then request a gallery. If you need help posting pics in the forum there should be some help with that in the photos forum…if not just e-mail

  • Darron

Do you just want it to LOOK fast or BE fast?

Are you worried about reselling it? Mods usually sell for LESS than if it were stock.

What kind of budget are you building on?

I want it to look fast and be fastER… i mean it by no means will be a track car… obviously… im 16 and have protective parents… but it be nice to have more then i have to prove myself to others… so far i’ve beat 2 hondas ( a civic and an accord) and one mustang… but you have to understand that its from light to light… and thats prolly not even 1/4 mile… but i have good starts… my light timing is perfect…

if you want it faster then ditch the idea of the lambo doors. they add too much weight to offset the benefits of putting on power adders.

Your timing is perfect when you can go to the track and pull a perfect .250, green light saying go vs stop in correlation to a timed light at a strip is a bit different. However… that’s beside the point. It sounds like you’d rather go fast than have the car be a corner carver, so I’ll list off some power mods rather than suspension for you.

Power windows, power mirrors, power everything is going to add more weight, having lambo doors will weigh more. Spending such a budget can be spent on some VERY nice mods for these cars. Let me give you a quick list of some things available for some okay prices that you may want to consider:

-If you aren’t worried about 500,000lbs of stereo equipment going in your car, spend the money on an esslinger underdrive pulley, less rotating mass, underdrives your engine accessories, at least 5hp.
-Modified intake, around 3-5hp depending on how you do it, if you don’t get a NEW intake, and modify the existing, spend the money and get a K&N drop-in for it, that’s common sense.
-Catback exhaust system
-4-2-1 header, will be better overall application, kamikazee is supposably good, i’m sure someone on here can recommend a better one.
-If you really are interested in drag racing, get a B&M short shifter or a TWM short shifter, 30-50% decrease in shifting, spend the extra $10 for the energy suspension stabilizer bushings and it’ll solidify the shifter, more responsive shifts. I have a B&M, I love it. Check the classifieds or check classifieds, somewhere on one of these forums you’ll find one for like $30 or $40 used in perfect condition to install one.
-Remove the spare tire from the trunk along with the mounts = less weight, better handling and a bit better accelleration, that’s physics, less weight = more speed.
-If you want to get really serious about weight reduction, remove the mats, strip the trunk and get some 15" ultralight wheels, you can find some for cheap and they can weigh as little as 8.5lbs from what I’ve seen. Don’t do anything BUT forged.

Forgot to add there is also A/C elimination…