Hello **pics kinda big**

i’m new here but i’m always on teamzx2. I understand theres a lot of people from there here. Since the sites down i’ve just went ahead and joined and will be here and on teamzx2.
Here’s my car for those who don’t know me(yeah i know car domian sucks but i just use it for pic hosting lol):





Yeah i have to lower it and don’t worry, i have spring already just haven’t put them on. i also have a wings west front lip getting put on.

Nice ride and welcome!

welcome to zx2ms REv

Yep, I didn’t even know this site existed untill Teamzx2 went down.

Here’s my car. I like it to look stock, IE Sleeper :smiley:


Nice. I too like the sleeper look. Welcome!

nice headlights, nice and new looking, also is that a new paint job or just original?


sucks that team is down but Xeno will get it straightened out!

BTW Rev and Zippy I always like the blue zx2’s! They look great!

thanks for the welcome and yes the blue dose rock :smiley:.
i’ll get some pics of it when its lowered and i have the lip on.

Welcome guys, nice rides.

  • Darron

Welcome guys!! Both cars look great!! Rev, I like your rims:)


^^^^ Thanks you. :smiley:

I like the blue too. That is what sold me on the car.

Back in 2002 I was looking to buy a new car and almost bought a new Honda Civic. Untill I drove down the road and saw this bright blue car. Honda said they didn’t make that color so I bought the Zx2 :smiley: Glad I did :slight_smile: