head bolts

any good tips on getting these torxs starbit head bolts out? so far I have broke two t-45 torxs bits and used an impact and a rachet with braker bar. wont budge. it is agrivating.

You could cut it off and then drill out the center. But don’t plan on using that bolt again.

thats what I was thinking cause I am getting arp head studs anyway but what size drill bit to use?

Without looking…If you drill any screw out, always choose something smaller than the diameter of the screw. Once you drill it out, the screw will litterly crumble apart. I was at an auto parts store the other day and they had these drill bits to screw it out. I believe they were cut in the oppisite way.

thanks I was out trying 3/8 drill bit and the head crumbled and the drill bit stopped drilling through once I got so far. hopefully that worked and will work on the rest. what a pain

Buy better torx bits.

You weren’t taking the bolt all the way out and then moving on to the next were you? Bad idea, loosen in increments. You’ll mess up your head if you don’t.

Head bolts aren’t re-usable anyways. They stretch at a certain tension and they make the head fit perfectly. Once that happens, they are no good any more.

I’d be worried about trying to drill your head bolts out. Leave any of the spare metal down in the hole and it might mess with the new head bolts going in, which could make them not tighten down properly. That leads to leaky head gaskets. Good luck.