Happy thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving guys. Hope you have a blast and a good day. For some reason we ate ham…hahaha.

I got the email from the site today and this is the first time I’ve seen it since it’s been redone. It’s looking great keep up the good work :sunglasses:

Gobble gobble.

Thanks mellow. The site will soon change as well. Adding some more too it :slight_smile:


happy thanksgiving

Did you guys do anything exciting?

If waxing my car is exciting then yes :smiley:

well, i worked most of the day. but when i came home my girl made us dinner and everything, very nice of her. so i spent the day with her :slight_smile:

haha I wish i could wax my car. Needs it sooo bad but stupid MN…no snow but then again its only like 35 degrees out…soo tempted to try to wash it. That was nice of your g/f to make you dinner buddy. I didn’t get a chance to make it out there…its a long drive hahaha.

I had a great Thanksgiving. The day before we had a wedding rehearsal for my uncle. Thanksgiving Day we had Thanksgiving (big surprize). The day after, we had my Uncle’s Wedding itself. 3 days of nothing but a buffet.

i know this is way late but happy turkey day everyone!

My mother put on a big thanksgiving dinner and we had a rock band party afterwards! =) I was the drummer! :smiley:

rock band party…i would of soo been in

i just picked up RB2!! much better then RB!

really? My buddy has it but haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Is there more drum parts now on it?

from a band play stand point its hell of a lot better then RB1!

the guitar parts seem easier even on Hard / Expert, I dunno why they did that, I think it was just the tracks they picked to be on RB2 are musically easier to play (i could be wrong though). The drum parts seem easier also.

any way this should probably be under another post as this is the thanksgiving post! =)