Happy Easter to all and my offical 2 month absence!

Happy Easter to everyone.

Well this is a two part topic.

Also just like to inform everyone that if you need to get into contact with me about the LSD group buy or anything else you will have to email me at halo_game@hotmail.com For you LSD buyers, I am waiting on 1-2 last payments then I send out my PO. I wont be able to check the forums for a good 2 months other than my email due to my project has finally arrived. You can see my other 3 projects around (99 ZX2 covered, 93 Probe GT, 91 Probe 3L). Those of you that know me, know what I am talking about. Here’s a few teasier pictures.







happy easter all

happy easter!

happy easter!!!

happy easter

Yeah… what they said :wink:

Happy be-lated Easter everyone!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Mine was pretty good. How was everyone else’s?


mine was good… but yet FUNNY AS ALL HELL! lol… i watch 50 year old knock lil kids down for easter eggs… HAHA wish i had it on tape… lol… there was money in the eggs because my great grandma died and wanted that to be the way we distributed the last of her money.