Happy anniversary to my Katie :)

Well me and Katie celebrated our anniversary today. Getting married next year. Anyway, she’s had nothing but my old gear to ride with and she’s been DYING for some gear and is a bigtime ducati and kawasaki gal so today we took her to Bend Euro Moto and I bought her the jacket she liked so much when she got there. And she bought herself some sidi boots, loves’em.

So here she is sportin’ the Ducati jacket :slight_smile: Had to add some captions…

“I can’t get it to… oh ok I think I got it…”


“Derek can you help me… this button…”


“I can’t get this damn button…”


“OK I got it! cheese


“Hows it look?”


NO karate pics???

LOL!! thats a nice jacket! and Happy anniversary!

I had diffrent captions but i dont feel like moderating myself… lol
congrats derek on the anniversary now i know what the lady behind the Legand looks like.

Thats a nice gir… er… I mean Jacket :wink:

Congrats!! Happy Anniversary guys!!
That jacket is really cute. I don’t even ride and I want one:)