Guage interest . . My zx2

Was/ is anyone interested in buying 1999 Ford Zx2 94,xxx miles, all power xcept for seats

$5,000 / OBO sold as is

kelly Blue Book is at about 3,000$ just for the car alone… an im only asking 5,000$ so 5,000-3,000=2,000$ worth of customization which that alone cost about 5,100$ so your getting a customized car for 2,100$ less then doing it yourself

those were taken about 2 summers ago… she needs some work done to her still, hood scoop needs remolded and passenger side rear side skirt in the wheel well got cracked from a curb… easy fixes… probally will have all cracks fixed before acutally selling it plus a new paint job…as far as engine goes, it needs a new water pump and the down pipe going back to the exhuast is loose from being so low to the ground… it hit a few speed bumps and pulled loose… but all in all a great car… all stock parts i have will go with it, including stock from bumper, struts, coil springs, stock intake…one other thing is all wiring probally would need redone…underground neon wiring was ripped out from a larg stick that was in the middle of the road one night driving home

body kit was about 600$
rims about 400$
all neons about 600$
body work and paint about 3,500$
misc parts-500$

so all i am really looking to get out of selling this car is just what i put in to it… the car itself was bought for about 9,000$ so i reall have vested nearly 15,000$ in this car after all was said and done…

wow cant believe your leting her go, i remember the first time i saw your pics in the parking lot at night, i thought thats how i want my car to look and now it does, lol

best of luck in your sale .


his car was the reason i got that kit for my first bodykit for the z… man u cant sell it!!! GRRR. keep it if u dont have to sell it. u might need it later