Greetings from...

Hello, my name is Garret…aka G-Rod or two_4tee_2nr if your into nissans

i’m 20 i gota beat 3rd gen wagon from my grandparents for cheap because they retired and didnt need it…

i’ve been driving back and forth to collage witch for me is wyotech in blairsville PA

a few weeks back the trannsmission took a shit… not being much of an automatic fan, and since the car was now mine i took a some what alternative aproach to the problem…

pictures speak louder than words…

So as you can see as pictured above… i didnt resolve the problem the easy way…

more boring history on myself… im traditionaly a nissan nut, after several years at this hole car thing i’ve met alot of people in the past if you didnt own a nissan i thought you were insane… over the years ii’ve learned everyones in this for the same reason… there all cars and in the end were all after the same goal. we just choose diffrant platfourms to reach it.

i’ll even throw in a few pics of my current 240… more then llikey you wont like it

R32 rb20det

if your interested i’ll post a drift video…

i have owned quiet a few cars 3 240’s a wrx and a 94 toyota pickup.

i performed my first sr20 swap in my first 93 240sx when i was 17. i been at this a few years

i’ll even post pics of previous rides… im not here to waste your time. i just figured i’d give you some history of who i am and what i do… also before collage i worked at emage performance for some time


this is my introduction to my self and my newley taken on escort wagon project

i’me glad to be apart of your fourm and i’me sure i’ll have half a million questions to ask you soon enuff

thank you for your time

ask away my bro!

I like the graffiti work on the 240. gives it a different flare then other 240s i have seen. nice work!

Welcome to ZX2MS, and enjoy your stay, bro.

I like your 240. ALOT. It’s ganstah, haha.

Anyways, have fun with the ZXWagon, and you know the ZX2 front end bolts up to the Wagon body. hint hint

Nice Zetec transplant. How long’d that take ya? You seem like the engine swap master eh? lol

i like the 240…i’m more into the guts than i am how it looks. the turbo setup looks nice!

oh shit! u dropped a Zetec into an escort wagon! nice job!

Sweet! Good call on the whole “we’re all in it for the same thing” deal. I agree whole heartedly…but there are a lotta people that aren’t the same way, and most of 'em drive Hahn-duh Sive-icks. That 240 is something else, but if it moves than…sweet. :slight_smile:

Like others have said, welcome, enjoy and ask.

  • Darron

P.S. Take Pip’s hint if you have the cash burning a hole in your pocket. And when you’re ready to sell try here first (if it comes to that :wink: )