Got my windows tinted and more!

I finaly got my new tires put on, alignment, dent taken out of passenger side, and my windows tinted.

Picture is kinda crappy due to it being taken by my phone.

Lookin’ good!

I have always had a soft spot for your car, Chris.

:P Thanks guys!

Looking good Chris!

I’ve got one thing to say




very clean man…looks good…

Lookin’ good Chris:)


What percent tint did you get?

35% all the way around. that way its legal except for the fron two windows are not legal.

Looks Great :wink: Congratulations.

looks good Chris!

I like it

that looks kickass…

beean wanting to tint mine, but its my daily driver and i want a car thats not a cop magnet like my LTD is…