Got my new hobby on the roll today. (sorry 56k)

Got a promotion at work with a raise and I have a friend who home brews beer. Another friend who does other brews that are sort of inbetween. Every time I went over there I thought “WOW this is a WAY cool hobby.” He showed me his recipe at one point and how much it cost, I did the math and his price of making beer was far cheaper than buying it in a store by HALF.

Well… I enjoy wine. Red wines most specifically. I thought “well… surely you must be able to make wine too at home?” and heard it was more of a hell of a science than a brew. I thought “Well, it sounds fun.” So instead of going out and buying a $50 or more bottle of wine, I can make 6 GALLONS of it at home for price of ONE bottle and it’ll make something crazy like 24-32 bottles of the stuff.

Well I just made my first batch today, so it’s fermenting. So I’m excited, I have to wait a week before I can check up on it…

But just because I’m excited…

I am extremely excited to try my first batch. It’ll be ready in roughly 4 months.


Hehe… smells so good. I added two packs of yeast so it’d ferment sooner and what’ya know, I just got home and heard the lovely burbling upstairs. “blub blub… blub blub”
Video clip… here

If you think it tastes good and gets you f’d up send me a bottle.

4 months? I don’t know what I would do till then. I think I will stick with the store bought beer for now.

yeah but 24 bottles should last a few months, gives you enough time to start a new batch.

Def gotta send out some samples there Derek!

pics are REALLY BIG!

but thats cool… i know some people who make wine… and thats shit is twice as strong as the stuff you buy… not that i’d know or anything :oops:

Yeah, it is VERY strong and this batch (if it turns out like I planned) will be close to 10% i’m hoping. I used two packs of yeast so it will ferment twice as fast. Hehe :slight_smile:

Wine making is in my blood. My father and his father, etc. Hell most of my uncles do or did at sometime. The best I’ve ever had was some of my uncles moonshine, portuguese moonshine, a bit different from American hillbilly shit.

How are you all going to hold out on a friend???

send me some 'shine and wine!!!