got bored, took some pics

took some new pics, different rims, wider tires, and new seats!!!

Let me know what you guys think


nice seats? what are they from?

Looks like the MX3 seat conversion to me.


  • Darron

are those stock swirlies i see?

Don’t look like stock swirlies to me.

Definitely not stock. Almost look like a set of Roja’s I was lookin’ at for a long time, but I’m pretty sure they’re not those either. Whatever they are, they look pretty good.

  • Darron

They look like ameriocan racing avengers painted black. And foos i’v been meaning to tell ya i like the color of your ride :wink:

I like your CD holder. And money dangling from the visor? Don’t come around Buffalo like that…lol.