got an issue for ya to help me figure out

my zx2 is stuck in 3rd gear after draging it last night at the texas motorplex, ive tried to force it out, rock the car and drive and try to get it out, will not come out, but car still runs, can anyone give me a suggestion to what i should do with it, thanks.


Pull the tranny and repair it. The quicker you get it done the less its gonna cost. Trust me I have gone through about 8 trannys in 2 different ZX2s.

Other than that though is there any clunking when driving? or does it drive just fine? List any more symptoms if you could.

Also before trying to drag again I would build the tranny up some. I’ll see if I can find some mroe information on building the tranny for ya.

that’s exactly how my 2nd tranny died…it ended up being a bent shift fork, and the second gear synchros looked like scrambled eggs. best bet is to find a junk yard, and pull a tarnsmission off a junked car, that’s the cheapest way.

That’s exactly what happened to mine! Except I got stuck in 4th after 3rd dissappered.

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yeah, i was looking into a phantom grip but since ive been doing so well with it, ive not got to it yet, ive put an obx header, afx udp and ive got an old school carbon tech intake on it, bought the car, its my 4th zx2 beleive it or not, but i love the gearing so im hoping to find a 98 tranny, probably wont find one in good shape though, figure ive got to get one out of a newer one.

It would also be a good idea to learn how to drive a 5-speed. The shift forks and detent plate are fine on this car, but if you power and speed shift it, they will break. You might have just screwed the detent plate. But probably bent a fork.

we have new manual transmission for 1250.00

Jayco iwas thinking of inquiring about your mtx75. i intend to have a substantially torquey(300ft-lbs+) engine and was wondering how many of YOUR fully built trannys i would go through a year(at least 45000+miles of EXTREMELY rough driving)

our goal is to build units you guys can’t break! lol

That sounds like a challenge. I have an ATX, but I’m sure some of the others are up to it! :smiley:

we build a hi-performance automatic

:-o :-D