Got A PS3!!!

Hell yeah! Tax returns 4tw! I just ordered my PS3, and it should be here in a matter of a week or so!! Yippie!!

I’m very excited.

Xbox 360 FTW! :mrgreen:

gotta represent the 360!

PS3 has its benefits just not enough out there for it yet!


I’ve been surfing the PS3 forums… And the PS3 will be starting the warpath soon. Just you guys wait.

Not to get into a whole debate about which is better but the PS3 and is slowly sinking. You can read that anywhere. Sony took a gamble and and lost. Game developers are jumping ship and the Wii and 360 are coming out on top.

Dude, cancel the order while you still can…

Get a 360 and some games and accessories for the same price, and you’ll be legions happier.

The 360 really doesn’t appeal to me.

I’m a bit of a PS fanboy, so yeah…

When the 360 launched, did everybody jump off the wagon because of problems? No. There weren’t any good games either. So all the crap you guys can talk about the PS3 (just launched), is the same for any launch. Problems are getting ironed out, and March is going to be a good month for the PS3.

I’m confident in my purchase. LoL

the PS3 will gain momentum but sony did drop the bomb on the price and lack of games.

I think Sony dropped the ball on this one…I absolutely love my PS2, and was awaiting the release of the PS3; however, when it came out I just wasn’t all that interested…picked up a Wii a few weeks ago, and Nintendo is back!!! I’ll eventually get a 360 for Halo and other “serious” games, but the Wii rocketh on a whole new level…

I got my PS3 yesterday! Yippie! It didn’t come with the game and controller I ordered, but I did download a couple demos.

Pretty freaking sweet, even in 480i.