Me and my fiance talked it out. I’ve modded the ZX2 WAY TOO MUCH to want to sell it. For your average daily driver they’d whine about the road noise, the road feel and the driveability of feeling like a “gokart” (as many of my friends have already commented). The car isn’t as much worth modded.

So anyway I’ve wanted a WRX forever now due to the winter snow being hell here. The ZX2 has been OUTSTANDING in the snow. It’s approaching the 100k mark here very soon.

Well anyway, our little Mustang II has been on our minds lately and we’ve been looking forward to restoring it and finally talked it out and we’re going to sell the mustang and get an old 60’s mustang (hopefully a 67’ Fastback) and stick my 302 into that sucker. We’ll KEEP the ZX2 and finance a newer (yet used) WRX for me and her in the winter and mod the living crap out of the WRX.

So we walk away with our ZX2 that she can drive in the winter (that’s right it will be my fiance’s eventually but not for now :wink: hehe), and i’ll take the WRX but we’ll share driving it because we’ll be financing it together. Then once we have a family and a few kids we still have a kickass car (WRX) and it’s still a 4 door and we’re all happy.

I’ve been thinking about what to do and the Mustang is my 1st car I ever had. I’ll truly miss it, but really there are bigger better things out there for us and it’s time for us to just let go of the little bugger and enjoy the cars we want to enjoy because realistically I can’t own my truck, zx2, the mustang, another mustang, a wrx, my ninja, my enduro if i wanted to, something would have to go. So it’s get rid of the II and get a better mustang.

Cool. Hope you stick around here for a long while in that case then. Oh…and when you get 'em…post pics! :slight_smile:

  • Darron

in this case i’ll be here for a VERY long time and i’ll LOVE it.