Good news, Bad news

Well a week ago I got a new 2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V but I had to tradein my ZX2 to do it :frowning: I miss it already but it helps that the Nissan has 200 hp and does the 1/4 mile in 15 second flat. It also has all the options including the Helicat limited slip diffential. So here’s some pics

The red seat belts are the coolest lol :smiley:

and the most Imortant part

Very cool! I like it it allot! :mrgreen:

Now on with the mods!

Well see thats the worst news it’s a lease car :cry: but I’m gonna have the dealer put a red pin strip on that will have a spec-v badge at the end. And I will probably get some rims. Also I dunno if they can do it but I may try to have the dealer install Nismo parts as they come out although they are overly expensive. Or I suppose I could do some bolt ons but I’ll have to take them back of before I hand in the car. Oh well 200hp is enough for me right now and who knows maybe I’ll have enough money to just buy it after the lease and in a year or 2 and I’ll do what ever I want to it! :smiley: