going for it all!!

Hey guys i am on a mission to make my own zx2nr, but to start i need the bumper from an 2003 model, as they were not made in Canada from what i understand…

So if any one has one that they have to get rid of from a resent mod let me know and I’ll buy it off you!

it would be a very easy swap with a few modifications to the stock… just a little “foose-ifying” as some say!

thank in advance to thous of you who reply

Hey, I’m in Ontario Canada myself (Brantford).

You are correct in saying that the 03 ZX2 was not sold in Canada… It didn’t meet the crash test requirements.

You will have a very hard time finding the 03 front end for sale. It’s one of the “hottest” products out there and very hard to get your hands on.

Best of luck to you though!!! :slight_smile:

I know it’d be expesive as hell…but you might be able to order one from a dealership… I can have my wife ask the parts guys if you want.

  • Darron

Yea man that wouldbe awesome!! even if she can find one from a wreckers. i wokr in a body shop so fixing it up and customizing it shouldn’t be to hard… as long as it is not snapped in half lol…

let me know man thanks