GI; Solid Passenger Side Mount

After creating the Front transmission for the Escort. 323, Protégé, and other BG series chassis’s. I was able to encourage Medieval Motorsports to create a solid Passenger side Motor mount for the BG chassis’s.

It would be made from the same material that the front transmission mount is made from. So I wanted to gauge how many people would be interested in this.

Can this be moved to the vendor section, I don’t want to break any rules

I would. Price? Do you need a template/donor one?

I already have a donor, and we are still tying to figure out a price for them

I would be glad to move this to the vendor section, however, until further notice please refer to the email i sent in that no one is going to be advertising anything until they have gone through the proper correspondence. If this cannot be abided by, we won’t be allowing of it.

I replied back to that email 2 days ago. Did you get it?

I did, however, if you refer to my original email, at this time we are not advertising until everything is finished on this end. I sincerely and greatly appreciate your enthusiasm regarding your email, however, until we’ve got everything taken care of on this end we are not doing any advertising/sponsors/vendorship until that’s completed and out of the way. Until then we aren’t advertising and doing vendors except those that were here previously before the site transitioned.

I still have the info you sent me though, and as soon as everything is completed here, I will contact you.

Okay, Thank you.

I want one when this is all figured out! :slight_smile:

Well you know I want one so long as they are around the same price as the other one.

Well keep you posted guys on when this is done. Hopefully its soon. Just please be patient.

any news yet?

Our site has been updated with new parts for you guys!

sent you a pm. sorry for the delays my friend. i’m looking over a few things this weekend to see if we can get the ball rolling for you :slight_smile:

Thanks! i replied back to your PM