gauge problems

I’ve got an a-pillar with an a/f gauge and a voltmeter along with some indiglo gauge faces in my z. I let a shop wire all this in, i was going through a roadblock tonight when everything went out. Complete darkness except for the needles, the voltmeter is still reading power, but no lights, no glow, and the a/f isn’t reading. My cat is gutted, so i’ve been waiting on that to happen; however, what could make the glow stop? it’s driving me crazy and running on needles only isn’t gonna be fun. I checked the wiring, and it seems the shop used two conductor speaker wire, but that can’t be right? surely to God the shop didn’t do something that dumb. Any ideas? suggestions? help?!

fuses? a bad connection somewhere? what all did they touch exactly? I’d retrace back to where the work was done and go from there. if they wired it up to the gauges, see if something failed. if it was done at a shop i’d imagine they should guarantee their work.

Thats what i would say it is and bad fuse a wire came apart cheack and c if the grounds r ok to