Game time

Some kind of seafood surprise at a country club in the Italian Alps (no… seriously). It was like squid, octopus, and scallops all mixed together. woo… chewy. It had polenta too.

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

OZZY Black Rain

What other cars do you own?

2002 Craftsman LT1000
2006 Yamaha FZ6

Not really cars but they are mine.

Favortie Greek Mythology?


Most interesting place you got kissed?

In the middle of an Air Force munitions storage area, surrounded by 1.1D high explosives (MK82 500 lb. general purpose bombs). :smiley:
It was pretty awesome.

Where was the worst place you’ve ever been through?

Nyack, NY. Got stuck at the emergency room with one of the individuals I care for, he had a seizure, fell and put his teeth through his lip. Took 5 hours for them to stitch him up.

Worst accident to happen to you? (you dont have to answer if its a sensitive subject)