fyi about teamzx2

It was the server hard drive that took a dump. From what i know, which is very little at this point, all info was lost.

The server should be back up tomorrow morning according to Vit as he has already built the new one and the forum software has been loaded/is being loaded.

What I was told though is that all content is lost… in other words our old posts and how-to guides are… well… gone.

It is. That’s what i said. :stuck_out_tongue:

All pm’s, topics, usernames/passwords, sticky’s… gone. Vanished into thin air.

Look at it this way, so many have been b’in and moaning about how the forum’s gone down hill, this gives them a chance for a fresh start they always wanted.

I missed this place though. There were good people here. It was due to lack of traffic. There are already how-to guides, a database, people who know the place. This place essentially was at one point the same people teamzx2 was… why start from dead scratch? We’ve got a good start here. That’s just my own personal opinion of course. Take it or leave it. But I missed this place, a lot.

I think Matt was talking about teamzx2 starting from nothing again. :wink:


ugh. thats really depressing. i was dreading hearing that it happened.

i was around when it happened last time, but i wasnt a very active member. i became active when the site came back up.

all the good information…gone. so sad.

what makes me the most angry is they didn’t back the stuff up… how to you run a site that is SO BIG with such a humongous database and not back that shit up!? Ok i understand purging the “crap” off the boards, but those how to guides have been around since BEFORE cjw was managing the place and even moderating it… it’s been on there for years and years. Now it’s toast. That’s negligent IMO.

i’m hoping someone saved all the how to’s. if not, a mistake was made. damn scheduled maintenance, i’m boycotting it.

the only good thing i see, is reposts shouldn’t happen for a while. i’m calling dibs on the first “which intake is better” thread.

shit man… someone beat you to it…


Sucks its all gone, CJW said there was a backup from about a month and a half ago, but its MIA. Hopefully we can get some good how to’s back up after everything is back up and running.

Its the how tos that I’m upset are gone. Plain and simple.

Or instead of “starting all over” you can just build on whats here?

When you’ve hit rock bottom, only direction to go is up.

I’m down for that. But I gotta warn you Chris, its gonna be slow. Rebuilding all of that doesn’t happen overnight. Members here have to dedicate their time when they can.

I saved a few how to’s. But I personally don’t like the layout of this site. It’s not bad, but the other one was perfect IMO.

Ummm this is a generic template for phpBB. If people are going to stay around and post then i will take the time to build out a custom template and make it “perfect”.

I’d rather see it happen here…

You saw what happened to teamzx2, that was due to poor moderation. They didn’t bother to back up the site. That’s like managing a library and watching it burn down and going ‘OOPS, i forgot my insurance. but that’s ok… we’ll get more books, but the people who come here need to write them again.’ it was a lot of information to be lost.

We’ve got good moderation here… the community has gone to crap because of the moderation there, you think it’s going to be ANY different because it starts over from scratch? the moderation hasn’t/won’t change.

remember the site is just a name, it’s the community behind it that counts.

And Chris (zx2ms) WILL go the extra mile for you here. The mods here are amazing.

Well, i don’t have any problem w/ what happened. Yeah, the site we all grew to love (except for some of us i guess) is gone and we have to rebuild, so what. I think it can be better than before though.

As for this site, that would be cool to have a suppliment, but teamzx2 will always be my home and always has been. I’ll stick around here if it’s gonna stay up.

we have old-timers coming back here… so if this place stays, you can bet i’ll be staying here exclusively.

X2 really.

I will be posting on both forums, or both stay active. If one dies I’ll post on the other… it is as simple as that.