Fusion ZX2 new pics

I got some pics sent to me from my contacts in the Roush racing camp





hope you enjoy the photos
glad i could help the community

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looks good! I didnt realize the fusion had a different wing.

Is that guinea pig for the S/C?

its already got a supercharger under the hood!!!

Hey Mike… any chance that we could get underhood shots or is that top secret stuff?

ask and you shall recieve the marky


thats the yellow fusions engine


this is the blacks engine

there also getting me some interior shoots and maybe a propper phooto shoot of the Fusion in all her glory

Now wait a second here, I have seen these pictures before. This isn’t the S/C they are building up is it?

Nope. this is the zx2 Fusion, the only zx2 that was Roush racing produced with a supercharger in it. There are / were only 2 in existence. The yellow one supposively was wrecked during transportation to or from a car show. The black one still sits in Jack Roush’s warehouse / museum.

The car never made it to full production status as it is the mustang killer, hands down.

mark your correct you get a cookie

these photos have been around a while there not new. But they are going to get me new photos of the interior and engine bay.

Actually they might just give the Fusion a day in the sun for a propper photo shoot. I’ll keep it updated as soon as i get info on anything.

Yeah well ford wouldn’t want an escort killing a mustang, they have to make it look like their penis is big, we wouldn’t want that image to be crushed now would we :roll:

ZX2 forever!

I just hope that SEAM’s S/C for the Zx2 will do create the same or more HP than the Roush setup.

definately that would be nice. Any more updates on the seam s/c setup Mike?

Nope. THe last i spoke with them they were going nuts finishing the BMW version of the project then moving to make the manifold fit the ZX2 . Recent attempts in contacting them has failed so im hoping there working out bugs and getting the S/C on the Market soon