Fully adjustable coilover/shocks for the ZX2

The first trial set showed up this week and boy do they look sweet! Once the weather clears up I’ll be fitting them in my s/r for fitment and ride evaluation…

Here’s the specs:

30 position adjustable dampers (billet knob atop each shock)
Threaded strut body for ride height and spring height adjustment
420lb front springs
220lb rear springs
Slotted upper strut bolt holes for camber adjustment
Steel/urethane upper strut mounts


Got any pics of them? What type of springs are you using? Custom or the fairly universal style like ground controls where you can swap out differing hardnesses of springs?

I Am also interested in pics! These things sound pretty sweet

I specified the spring rate listed - it’s considerably firmer than stock, yet softer than the old Ford Racing set made by multimatic (which ran 500lb fronts and 300lb rears)

The front coil spring dimensions are 3.25" OD by 8" length - p/n 11.5_205
The rear coil spring dimensions are 3.25" OD by 10" length - p/n 0-11-250

The rear coil spring diameter tapers out at the center to a 4" OD with the ends at 3.25"

I’ll get pics of them in the next day or so.


Can’t wait to see some pictures! This sounds awesome!



if my car hadnt been vandalized last night id be hella interested in these right now :expressionless:

ooh - car rape? sorry to hear. what did they do?

Wow those are effin sex! I wantz a set, but proably outta my price range at the moment… How much are they BTW?

Really mellow? Your kidding right!!! I thought it was inside a garage? What happen?

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Really I cannot believe that fukin bs!

Really I cannot believe that fukin bs!

Geez some people - jealous mf’rs is what they are. did you know the guys?

as for price on the coilover set its gonna be under 900 bucks.


nah I’d never seen them before.

that’s a great price on the coilovers :sunglasses:

if you offer this with a 650 lb/in rate up front and 500 in the rear, i’ll buy a set next fall when i was going to buy a set of BC coilovers. i’m not budgeted for coilovers til then…but who knows, i might get a small sponsorship or figure a way to get them sooner. will it be possible to get those rates? also…will we be able to revalve them if i take them to a shock dyno to be tuned/dialed in?

so is that how you repay the zx2 community by buying and reselling cheap ebay coilovers for double price?

C’mon SON! getthefuckouttaherewiththatbullshit.

hmmm…just noticed they have a rubber upper mount instead of pillow ball bushing. :confused:

it’s a urethane mount, not rubber… very stiff.

You’re kidding, right? this is not some letsputasleeveoverthestockstrutsoicanslammypos kind of coilovers, not ground control or drop zone specials. If there is someone already selling coilovers to fit the zx2, please send me a link so i can see what you are talking about.