Fuel Economy

What are the best mods for fuel economy. I’ve heard of all these “tornadoes” and such. Do they work? I’ve been thinking about headers, and open up the intake. ANY thoughts would be welcome as I drive 100 miles a day. I drive freeway and have to go 55-60 to get my best fuel economy. Above that, I can watch the fuel gauge needle move downward. I would like to keep up with everybody on the road without it costing me alot not to mention upholding the “Ford” image. This is my second Z and I like them alot. Your thoughts please. :slight_smile:

Again, as in your previous post about electric blowers, the Tornado is another object that you will be putting into your airflow path. After a certain point it will cease to be effective.

If your stock, start by taking out the gernade(lower intake resonator) and the upper resonator. This is part of what is called the Keman mod. you also would need to get a highflow cone filter (K&N) and a PVC pipe for the upper intake resonator. I can provide instructions if your a do it yourselfer.

Your other option is to get a complete intake (Iceman, Hotshot, etc…). You would still need to remove the resonators and get an highflow intake.

Keep in mind, most cars, including the ZX2 are setup for fuel economy from the factory. Any mod you do to your car has the potential to ruin your fuel economy. Although most people see and increase in fuel economy with the changing of the intake, everyone is different.

Surprisingly, those tornados work. But after a certain point they become a hinderance because the intake will cause the air to vortech at high air speeds. Imagine turning a 2 liter pop bottle upside down, if you just leave it be the pop will slowly come out in pulses, but if you spin it, evetually it will vortech and then the pop will rush out. But you are just using it around 2-4k RPM. For your application it should work well. I just fear one of the blades ripping off and getting in one of my cylinders.

Get an intake off Ebay for cheap; they usually come with an air-filter. Headers are always good, but much more expensive. Use premium gas. I find that I can get about 400 miles per tank on premium at 70-75mph. (Found that out on my way to Cedar Point with 3 people in the car plus luggage, trying to keep up with lead footed aunt).

not to disagree with you mirror, but I was running premium gas for a long time in my car. my gas mileage suffered from it actually. Its good to run premium in your car once in while if your stock, but I wouldnt due it all the time. I currently use 89 and that seems to work well.

This is also one of those things that differ from person to person. elevation changes and air temperatures all contribute to what you gas mileage is going to be.

Buffalo, NY
Elevation 722ft

Parksville, NY
Elevation 1540ft

You are probably right on that. My elevation is 1/2 yours, perhaps that is why Premium works well for me.

I have no problem if you want to disagree. I don’t get offended easily. If I get proven wrong that’s ok too, I learn from it and move on. That is why we are all here.

of course…

just to add a little more fact.

The last time I was in buffalo, I as using the 91 octane. As soon as I returned to my place, my car started acting like crap. I would almost gaurantee that it was the difference in the elevation, and probalby the mixture of gas to ethanol.

Isnt the percentage of ethanol liek 15% up there?

I believe its like 10% here, but I would have to check.