FS: Random stock pieces

I was originally going to keep all of my stock pieces, but I’ve decided against it since I need room and money. :smiley:

Tail lights- this is both tail lights, and the middle reflector. One of the tail lights has a really small crack in it. I went with altezzas, so I don’t need these anymore.

Air filter housing- this is all of the filter housing from the mass air meter forward. So all the nice plastic pieces that I have no idea what they’re called.

Carpet piece that sits over the back deck speakers.

Rear seats. This is ALL of the rear seat, the bottom bench piece and the back pieces. It’s charcoal grey.

As I continue to rip parts of, I’ll continue to post what I have here, so stay tuned. :smiley:

what do you want for the stock airbox crap, shipped to 15021?