Well, i just bought a pontiac grand prix GTP, and im in the process of selling my Zx2, anyways, within the past week, i have been getting spots under the Zx2 the size of a basketball of coolant… it really hasent been driven for more than 15 minuites since i have my new car. I put the car on jackstands and take off the blocking shield plastics and see coolant dripping from the second pulley up in the front, which appears to be the waterpump?? My car only has 64k miles, 2000 and its got a bad waterpump?? ahhh… My Zx2 is just mad cause i bought a GM.!! :mrgreen:

mine waited till 80k on a 98 and went … took the radiator out with it

Its the o-ring for the pump . Its easy to change , just pop off the drive belt , drain the radiator , and take the four bolts off the pump , remove old o-ring . Then place new ring on new pump and do reverse install! Its normal for all zx2s!