Ford voiding my warranty

So i took my car to the local dealership to get some things looked at and it turns out that i needed my IAC valve replaced and the little rubber elbow on the PCV valve. No big deal…covered under warranty. Well after they were done fixing that for me the car was still throwing a code. They had no clue exactly what it was so they called Ford. Ford instantly said that there is a chip on the computer and the warranty is voided. I know that under the magnuson-moss warranty act that they cannot deny my warranty claim unless they can prove that the chip specifically caused the problems. I talked to the dealership about the law and they said to take it up with Ford. I want your opinions on what i should do. I mean i know that there is no way that a superchips blue module could harm either the pdv or iac.

keep pushing the magnuson-moss act. Ford would rather pay for the repair then pay court fees.

What code is the computer throwing? And if it is the chip causing the problem, how about removing it for the repair, then putting it back on after.

Remember, for them to void the warrenty, it has to be something you did to cause the problem. Example: You put in aftermarket cams and the timing is all off causing the motor to run poorly. They can’t get you for changing your UDP if you came in because your ball bearings went on one of your wheels pre-maturely.

I had an experence where my ATX wouldn’t shift out of park unless I pushed down the override down. I took it into Ford to get fixed under waranty. They mentioned that I had modified the car, but said because it was to a part of the system I didn’t touch, it was completely covered and they had me on my way.

Tell us the code, we’ll give our opinions. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

i’m going to get a print out of the code and everything else and that they are voiding my warranty in writing…i found a good website showing me the staeps i need to take…

This should be a sticky topic.

i went to the dealership today. They are not voiding my warranty. I still have my full warranty, however they will not honor my current warranty claim. They did not even submit it to ford. I have it in writing that the dealership did not submit and was not willing to submit my claim to ford. The next step is to contact ford and call them on the magnuson-moss warranty act. The mechanic that was working on my car also put it inot writing that there was no possible way for a chip on my pcm to cause the IAC valve to stick because of carbon build up or for a rubber elbow to break. So we’ll see what ford has to say.

Good luck with your situation dude. Let us know what happens.