Ford racing manifold

What do you guyz think about the manifold from ford racing? Is it worth the 500 bux or should I just build my own?

I think you are going to be better off building your own. That manifold doesn’t match up to the stock TB. But you could upgrade to the 70mm TB that that manifold recommends. Which is another $230. Look on Ford Racing and you will find it.

If you do it yourself, you could save money and have less air resistance.

I dont know if it’s just me and if I am behind the power curve or not… But my brother bought a book by a man named Richard Holdener called “High-Performance Ford Focus Builder’s Handbook”. Now I dont have a Focus anymore but I have been reading this book. When it came to the intake manifold chapter this is what the Mr. Richard Holdener had to say.
Now keep in mind this book is for the Focus not the ZX-2.
"Though the design looked promising for the motor, the installation was difficult. Apparently the Ford Racing intake manifold was designed for the ZX-2 cylinder head, as the bolt pattern and the ports did not line up with the ZX-3 cylinder head".
He goes on to say that if it was not for the difficult installation, the Ford Racing Intake Manifold is by far the best choice of the intakes that he had tested on the dyno. Later in a different chapter he said that if he was going to make a choice for an all motor street car, the Ford Racing Intake Manifold would be the best choice.
So that tells me that the Ford Racing Intake Manifold fits our cars. And if you want it for the Focus it is possable to make it fit but a large pain in the ass to do so.
So if I am the only one that did not know this, feel free to make fun of me.

nah that was some very good information you dug up!

Yeah, I read that book too. Though the book was created for focus lovers, alot of parts are interchangeable or are only slightly modified when comparing them to a Zx2.

Yeah I dont know if the intake manifold will fit for sure but it should at least says the book. But as I read on in the book, that is the only intake manifold that is used on engines at 170 WHP -to- 500 WHP engines. So as far as the manifold being a good choice or not I would say thats the best choice for our engines, even if it is over priced. And it should be built for our engines and not for the Focus, so that makes me feel better.
Oh one thing I left out from the book. That manifold shifts the power band up about a 1000 RPMs. So from a stock stand point it would shift from peak power at 5200 RPMs -to- 6200 RPMs. Who would not want that…

i like the ford racing intake manifold, but it still uses a long runner design, we ar currently devleoping a aluminum short runner intake manifold, available with single and dual throttle bodies…

I call dibs on the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m serious, Jayco’s nickname should be Wonderboy, commin up with all this awsome stuff for the Zs!