Ford Performance Days

For anyone interested Ford Performance Days is coming up in July from the 14th to the 16th. It is sponsored by Shelby Owners of America. There is a car show which last year had 2 or 3 real Shelby Cobras and a kit car. They also had a Shelby Seires 1 that had been driven by 50 different big name actors and will also have a new GT on display. They also had a few GT 350’s and 500’s among lots of other cars and maybe my ZX2 if I get my CF Invader hood by then. Besides the car show there will also be Drag Races, Auto Cross races (one guy had a old late 60’s lotas Cortina road racing car which was awsome), Road rally, and a Swap meet. It will be held in Great Bend KS. If you are interested in racing or showing your car you have to pay $20 for Shelby Owners of America Membership or $25 if you regester after 7/6/06. After you register you can put your car in the show for free. Autocross, Drag races, and powder puff races are all $20 for each one you wanna enter and the road rally is $10. All activites will be held at the Expo Building west on 10th ST 4 miles(which is where the Drag strip is and the national guard) in the URL the drag strip is N of the airport on the 3 short roads that come off of 10th street.

For anymore Info call Brock McPherson – 2109 12th St, Great Bend, Ks 67530. Phone (620) 793 3420 Email: Website: www.

I know that probably not many people want to come to Kansas but I would like to meet some of my fellow ZX2 Tuners! If you get the chance to come.