For Sale : Yellow 2000 XZ2 S/R

I’m selling this car for my son .
I’d like to see the car go to someone looking for an S/R .
My cell phone # 215.237.3620 , call any time , leave a messagge if no answer .
My e-mail -
We live in Harleysville Pa.

Ohy, why are all the S/Rs back east where I cant get to em, heh. Do you have pics? It helps with the sale.

Asking price? Milage? Have any extra mods been done? Do you have pictures? Is it in good running condition? Body condition? Any normal maintance need to be done in the near future?

Also, please don’t spam everyone with a Private Message. If we’re active members, we’ll see the post in here.

If you need any help getting pictures up, let us know.

  • Darron

I spoke with him the other day. He seams like a good guy and he has good reasons for selling the S/R. It is in good condition w/ 83k on it. I plan on getting with him on taking a few pics of it if he doesnt get them to me soon.

Anyone know if this is still for sale?