FOCUS SPORT SUPER SHARGER redesigned for the zx2

it might be happening lets hope they can set it up

figured someone would post that over here

I’ve been posting about this particular SC and others. They only problem I had about this SC before this post was the fitment. But I guess it will fit. This is the SC I’m going with and the Stage 2 gear. I feel this SC has a lot of potential. For me, I want to custom build an intercooler later, depending on space.

i looked at it before and thought the samething
rob is working w/ them to modify the sc so it will be a complete bolt on

My post disappeared. What’s the intercooler going to be used for?

It still gets hot under the hood and compressed air molocules heat up. There are many different styles of intercoolers.
Intercooler, Power Coolers, CO2, and Ice boxes.

You know the way that belt is routed it will probably run with some interference from the fender.