Focus Cams

I heard some where that focus cams will fit the zx2. I know the engines are similar but I also know that most of the differences are in the head. Do you guys know for sure if they will fit cause I’d like to get some focus Cosworth cams if they do. If they don’t do you guys know how good the Web cams that ZXTuner sell are?

It’s my understanding that Web Cams are to cams what B&M are to shifters.

  • Darron

The intake cams will fit. The exhaust will not due to the VCT. If you remover the VCT, then you can use the exhaust.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll probably just go with Web cams if there supposed to be that good.

Under no circumstances will a Focus exhaust cam fit a ZX2 zetec, vct adapter or not. the machine diamaeters for the bearing journals and the vct solenoid assembly would not mate correcty, leaving for one massive oil leak.

only focus intake cams will fit, and be sure you’re picking a grind that will help, since the stock ZX2 gring is already more agressive than many of the “street” or “stage I” grinds out there.


what about the snout on the zx2 cam and focus cam being different also the head is milled differently for the exhuast cam…

i have a set of 450 lift cams and retainers pm me if interested…