finally pics of my zx2!!

here are some pics for ya after alot of the work that i have done.
Oh and it can still go down another two inches on the coils :lol:

^^^MY favorite picture

thought that i would throw in a pic of me and my girl too!!

feel free to leave any comments or questions

Looks great man girl looks cute to! Nice couple!

But can you please size them down to fit correctly in the space provided.

i dont know how :oops:
could you help me??

I knew it was comming, just a matter of time. You just have to brag bout ur girl here and @ teamZX2.

If you need a gallery for the main site ( register and make a request and we’ll get ya set up with one. Once that’s done you can upload into there. When you’re done with that the images will have two separate size options. Open the smaller (?x500) then use the properties to get the url and use those in here. :slight_smile: If you need any help you can e-mail your AIM name to me and I’ll walk ya through on there sometime.

  • Darron

Nice! Did you powder coat the stock rims? Thats pretty cool looking.

Did you, honestly, paint the rims while the tires were still on? Or is that the ouside tire coating?

Looks like you painted them. Car is too dry for them to be wet and only wet on the outside.

no i didn’t paint them while the tires were on, i had my buddy powdercoat them volcan black (flat Black), and as for the tires they just have some tire wet on them. The car itself will be getting sanded down and repainted soon, jams and all!!

nice GF…playa likes :wink: