Fall / Winter projects

I thought that I had posted a topic about what everyone had planned for this Fall / Winter. I guess old age and senility is setting in at 24…

anyway, These are my projects so far:

Ported / Polished Throttle Body - I am almost done with this one. Just finished polishing the inside of the throttle body tonight. I will try to get pictures up tomorrow of how it looks. Weather permitting this thing is going on tomorrow. Im inpatient after 8 days of straight rain.

95 Escort GT Rear Disk Conversion - I have acquired the rear end. I have started it apart. I have grinded the rear sway bar (BTW it is VERY Heavy compared to the 19mm one). I have to work on getting the ebrake cables loose, pulling the calipers off, removing dust shields, and a whole lot more stuff involved in getting ready to put this baby on come spring. Im taking this one slow.

Rebirth of My Suzuki Katana After going down pretty hard on the right side, there are quite a few parts that I need to repair. First and most obvious is the right side fairing. that was pretty damaged in the accident. However I was given a replacement when I bought the bike, as the previous owner had dropped the bike while learning on it in his driveway. I do need to get the following parts yet:

[]headlight bracket
]headlight assembly
[]brake master cylinder
]Inner fender well
[]Carbon Fiber levers as the ones i had were destroyed
]right side mirror
[]Stator Cover
[*]and more items that I cant remember…


as you can all I see I am going to have a VERY VERY busy winter with trying to get ready for the spring. What does everybody else have planned?

just after winter (March/April), a full body kit (no spoiler) and custom 1 off, never seen on a Z, exhaust (prolly w/ stock manifold till I get some more $$$)

v6 swap, rear disk swap, suspension stuff and new system , also looking to get a rock crawler up and running for a winter beater

Planning wedding, finding a home, school work, getting a winter beater. For the ZX2, I’d like to finally do up a switch tray (Factory ash tray conversion…started) maybe find something for the rear disc swap, but that probably won’t happen…and other misc things since she’ll be up for the season.

  • Darron

Invader Hood (Carbon Fiber)
New Spoiler (Carbon Fiber)
Eibach Springs
Tokico Shocks
SCT Xcalibrator
Racing seats
Kick @$$ Security System, with Low Jack

That’s my list so far. These are things I know I will have coming into spring. I have some other ideas, but I want to make sure I get these done first.

Turbo ZX2, turbo the probe, opening a franchise, and planning on a new 05 Mustang GT.

sad to say…

the TB experiment didnt work out like I planned… I ground off too much of the walls and thus created too much draw around the butterfly for the TB to be effective in anyway. I have been trying to rack up ideas as to how I can fix this…

IE… purchase a bigger butterfly somewhere / machine a larger butterfly that would seal the TB so no more air gets around it.

in the meanwhile… this rear end is a PIA!!! LOL!!! I gotta get my butt in gear and start taking parts off and get them sanded down, find a powder coater (I may just end up spray painting…), and get all my parts ready for the spring.

Make sure you check out those caliper pistons, if they don’t depress or compress you should kit a new kit from auto zone and rebuild them. Very worth it even if they do move.

yea, ugh, from what im told, the calipers should be a lil tight to recompress. If they are loose, its like having an air bubble in the line b/c of low fluid or bad master cylinder.

Mark is a smart boy, not a genious though because I said that since he lives in a cold weather place in the winter and the pistons can freeze and if they were sitting around unused for sometime the fluid left in them can carmalize and harden. Just like sugar, mmmm.

I put some carmalized brake sugar on my cheerios once…

I was planning on using the calipers for the core return and getting new calipers. If im doing this, im doing it right.

Damn, he’s smarter than I thought. That’s what I did lol.

Now all of you that are thinking of mods costing around a grand or more, you have to post in my “group buy interest for an LSD thread” damn it! It’s http://forum.zx2ms.com/viewtopic.php?p=1713#1713

I think I will work on a few hummers and what not. let the Z sit for the winter. Oh wait I have to leave the Z sitting for the winter because Im in Kuwait.

Hey come on now, doing 50mph on sand dunes should make up for it a little?

not when you’re doing 50 mph in a hummer dodging mortars…just takes all the fun out it for some reason…

You gotta take out the govener, get those bad boys doing 70mph. Hell that’s why they built them; to keep up with the M1A1 Abrams. Tell me, are tanks A1s or A2s?