Exhaust help.

I am around tax time looking to get a new exhaust. When i do this I’d like one with a deep rumble but not overly loud nice sound to it would be nice. I only have a iceman intake with a k and n filter for performance parts in the car it is a 2000 zx2 dohc. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

trubendz 2.5" with a borla muffler and a 4-2-1 header is what i have. it is deep and relatively quiet til about 3k, after that esp. on hard throttle people notice.

s/r borlas sound nice and mellow…

i was looking at complete exhaust systems and right now its either borla complete or a pacesetter complete. i dont know if i will have money for a header.

borla doesn’t have a complete system, the one you see at varios sites is an “axle back”, meaning its a muffler and tailpipe only.