Everyone read please :D

Heres the deal… I am now helping out with FuelEmpire. zx2ms.com is not part of it, it is still my site. So don’t worry zx2ms.com isn’t going anywhere. It can only get better from here. I do need one thing from you guys. Sign up on FuelEmpire.com and setup your profile :wink:

Thats it for now but once you register vote for me and my car :stuck_out_tongue: zx2ms.fuelempire.com Thanks,


If you have any other questions let me know in here :smiley:

No problem…I gave you a 2.

Just kidding. Tell us more about what this is all about. Why do we need to register at Fuel Empire?

You don’t have to :wink: Just asking you to create a profile and vote for my car :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I am just helping out on fuelempire by coding and cleaning up some of the code already in place. So yeah just head over and create a profile :wink:

I created one prior to this post, but have notice some little changes. One that I really like is when you click on an image, the page goes black and then seem to unfold a white area then the image fades in, and a title with summary fold down below the picture.

I’m not sure if you had anything to do with it but it does make a huge difference even though it is so subtle.