OK, I’m sick of this. This is what Im gettin at. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO ENTER THEIR TOWN AND STATE IN THEIR PROFILE, IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW, 1. Scroll up to top of page, 2. Click on Profile, 3. Once page is loaded, scroll down bout 1/2 way, 4. There is a blue bar labeled “Profile Information”, fill all the stuff out, aka. AIM address, Signature, all that stuff, 5. Scroll down to bottom of page and click “Submit” :x

look homie you aint got yo town in your profile …

What brought this about?

Sheesh, what’s the beef about, getting awfully angry? i’m curious too as to what brought this about, why can’t people keep it to themselves in the first place? Didn’t see any rules about that… :roll:

When registering, there are only a few things that are required on the registration form…

the things that arent required, are things that people may not necessarily want to share. Alot of people may not want their ‘exact’ location known, or their AIM, ICQ, Yahoo or whatever other IM screen name known, for their own reasons.

so… that being said.

If you would like people to know where you are or what your SN is, then by all means please fill out the information. However, if you are uncomfortable, It is your right to not fill in this information, do not feel pressured to do so.

No one here NEEDS to do any of this. that is why it is NOT a requirement.

If you would like someones specific information, or want to be able to get in touch with them through aim, then please send them a PM and ask politely.

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