escort gt wheels on zx2

has anyone ever posted a pic of a zx2 with escort gt wheels on it or is that kinda taboo in this forum? just curious : :roll:

No one has really done it. Presoanly why put a older rim on your car than what you have. If you want somthign different jsut save up and get your self a new set of rims for your car.

I personally think that it falls under the same category of either painting your stock wheels, or getting aftermarket ones that are the same size as the stock ones…

Agreed :mrgreen:

To play devil’s advocate, I completely understand why you’d do it. I’ve seen it, and it looks good. In my opinion, it looks 100 times better than those damned swirlies. For someone who can’t afford Aftermarket wheels (not to mention the tires that go with them); or who HATES the swirlies, but wants to keep the original wheel and tire diameter as not to throw off their speedo, they are perfect.

if you want to keep stock wheel and tire size and hate the swirlies, go with 03 wheels

the S/R Daisys own all stock wheels.

I would think that if they didnt’ look like something that came off a Pontiac, and if the mexicans around here would stop raiding junkyards and taking all the ZX2 parts before I can get to them… So now there’s at least 2 Civics around here with S/R wheels and I’ve seen a Berreta and a Neon with the ZX2 spoiler. And I’m just not big on wheels that look that closed in.

I am a fan of the 95 escort gt rims, thought about pickin some up, but got some 17’s before I got around to gettin the old stockers.

I saw a escort GT with zx2 wheels! I have a picture but I have to get it from my g/f’s camera.

When I got my new wheels, made by Toyota, I gave my old wheels to my daughter. SO now there’s an Echo in Chicago w/ zx2 Swirlies.

The 7 spoke Escort GT wheels were standard equipment on the 99 ZX2 S/R, that’s why people put them on. I agree, they do look better than the 00 S/R daisies and the stock swirlies. I am undecided if they look better than the 03 5 spoke wheels. Some people take the center cap off the EGT’s and use real lugnuts, some people use the standard Escort GT lugs and keep the center cap. I have the 03 5 spokes with 195/55 performnace all seaon tires for the winter and some 16 X 7 with 205/45 perormance summer tires for the summer. The EGT wheels are not easy to come by, I usually see them on Ebay for about $150 each. For that price you can get a taller, wider lighter weight wheel for the same price. The EGT’s would be nice to have as a winter wheel.

I think finding EGT wheels depends on where you live- The junkyard near me, almost all the time, the junk Escorts are either GTs or the EXP. It’s just a matter of knowing exactly what the wheels look like, because a lot of the time, people will take them off and move them somewhere else and then leave them. I could make a ton of money online just going to the junkyard once a week- We get EGTs and the Mazda MX-3 in all the time. And it also helps to have had both of those cars previous to your ZX2 and now they’re just sitting around collecting dust. :smiley: Last time I went out to the junkyard, there was a Miata with ZX2 swirlies sitting out there…