Error Code P1383

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me out. I am getting an error with my 1998 Escort ZX2 (140K mi). The computer is giving error code P1383 - MFR CNTLLD IGN SYS OR MISFIRE. I do not have any trouble with the car other than a little judder if it is cold when I first take off. I replaced the cam pos sensor, but the code still comes up, does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate the help!!

First of all…welcome to the board!

Second…Ignition system or Misfire…I don’t know how to fix it, but I would doubt that the cam sensor would do anything just by looking at the code. I would check your plugs and wires and coil pack.

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Foos Fight,

Thanks for the suggestion, I do need to take a look at those, it has been a while since I replaced them. I was mostly focusing on the cam stuff because what I have been able to find researching the net indicates maybe a problem with that or with the VCT solenoid or with the timing. I am pretty sure the timing is correct though. I am hoping someone may have had a similar code come up because what I have found so far isn’t exactly the problem I am seeing. Thanks again!

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I’m not sure if this will help, but my father was running into misfires on his Firebird. Turns out that 1 of the 3 ignition coils went bad. Replaced it and the problem was corrected.

It could be that the ignition coil pack doesn’t have enough voltage to discharge at the appropriate time and therefore is a delayed spark. This could be causing your misfire.

I would wait before going out and getting a new coil pack, because I’m only 70% sure of myself on this issue. It would be good to wait and see if anyone else can diagnose this problem for you. Perhaps they have more knowledge on this issue.

I replaced my stock coil pack with an MSD last year just because, and kept the stocker. If you wanna try replacing yours I’ll sell it to ya for like $5 plus shipping (no more than another $5). It works fine, I just wanted the MSD. :slight_smile:

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Shoot, I had a coil pack laying around because just like foos i bought the msd just because, I can’t find it, but man my guess is a coil pack, wires, plugs, 140k without replacing any of these is more than likely a culprit. that’s just my $.02

I checked my receipt for the last set of plugs and wires I had bought and I put them on about 25000 miles ago. I couldn’t remember how long it had been, school kinda fries your brain. I also took them out and checked em and regapped em(they weren’t off but by a hair, but I felt better doing it anyway). I also found the receipt for a crankshaft position sensor that I put on. This might also have caused an error to be read due to a “timing” error between the cam and crankshaft caused by a bad sensor, but it shouldn’t be bad by now. BTW, how many miles did you have on that coil pack?

I’m sure if you asked foos real nice he’d let you try out the coil pack and if it wasn’t the problem he’d give you back your money minus the shipping. I don’t want to speak for Foos though. I’ll keep looking for my old one.

I wasn’t thinking before, but I know someone who runs an alignment shop and they can get parts wholesale for me, so I may opt up to get a new high performance one like the msd or accel, it probably needs a new one anyway.

Not a bad thought, go with msd btw, haven’t always heard good things about accel.

There you go… should narrow down the corrective actions.

Well whatta ya know! lol Good job Pip!

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(BTW…Gitt’s right I would, but it doesn’t seem like that matters now that Pip’s popped in. :slight_smile: )

Hey Pip, thanks for the info. I actually just found that a couple of days ago. I checked my plugs, coil, and wires, everything seems fine there. I also checked the timing, all good there too. I had it hooked up to a computer also after replacing the cam sensor and crankshaft sensors to reprogram the computer to calibrate for the new sensors and it still didn’t get rid of the error…came back right after I cranked it up again. I also found a service bulletin from ford telling how to actuate that VCT solenoid to see if it fixes the problem…well, again no luck, the error came back. Called ford to check the price on the VCT solenoid and it was $300 wholesale!!! Looks like I’m gonna let it fly for a while since the car is running fine. BTW, sorry to drop off for a few days, have been busy trying to get this thing fixed and keep up with work. Thanks for all the help guys!!

BTW, I also just found a technical article:

It says the VCT solenoid should read 3 to 6 ohms whether hot or cold, it shouldn’t change much over temp. I checked the VCT solenoid Friday and it read less than 1 ohm…so I am pretty sure it must be that piece…but I don’t much care to pay $300 for it!!!

Thanks again for the help!

Heres what I do when someting goes wrong w/ my car. GO to LOCAL JUNKYARDs and get the prices of the VCT solenoid, or just call ahead, dad makes me(saves gas = $$$)

Yeah, just look for Leobrawner on E-Bay, and ask her to find you one. She only does ZX2’s, and has a perfect reputation among 2ners.

I have also dealt with leobrawner, great person to deal with. I know all about calling ahead first yellows/r, It took quite a few trips back and forth to destinations before I realized not only was i wasting time but i was wasting gas money…so expesive that gas is

sorry for such a late response. I have been out of town for the past week, but I got back and found a VCT solenoid for $200 (wholesale). I put that on and the error P1383 has cleared, the only problem now is a bad plug or wire…I have a miss in the #4 cylinder, haven’t had time to get them replaced yet. I think bending the wires around putting on the solenoid might have broke one. BTW, if you ever put one of these VCT solenoids on, be ready for some fun. It attaches around the exhaust cam…so you have to take off the valve cover, timing belt cover, timing belt, exhaust cam gear, and exhaust cam. Thanks for the help and the info everyone. I am glad there is a forum like this where you can go for help!

YIKES! That’s quite the task, I hope my (or my fiance’s) car’s doesn’t go…that’d bite. Glad you got it figured out!

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