What should I use to clean out the engine bay a little? The previous owner went to school in a very cold/snowy climate. The engine bay is really dirty and grimey. I’ve heard of different things I could pour on and then spray off with a hose that will make it look almost new, any suggestions?

i dunno what to do…i need to clean mine pretty bad also. My friend has a 91’ TSi talon…he got a freaking toothbrush out and scrubbed it clean. :lol:

You can use any cleaning products you want, I just don’t recommend cleaning it right after you have been driving it, :lol:.

Do it when the engine is cold, if you hose it with cold water when it’s hot you can crack the block. Remember to put plastic bags over your intake, battery, coil, and fuse box to keep water out of them. I just used meguiars extra cleaner spray then hosed it out.

I use various products, but my favorite is plain old dish soap. It cuts grease, is harmless to plastics, belts, etc. And, it’s cheap! Just use a brush and scrub anything under the hood with it. Rinse, and you’re good to go!

Good call pauly.

  • Darron

spray bottle with water/dish soap for metal and zaino or mequiar’s detail for painted.