engine management

actually a few questions…I’m starting to research turbo, and looking to start shopping for the parts in the near future…(have plenty of time)…my big question right now is engine management. Who here is boosted, and what kind of engine management do you use?

SCT by Vit is a good base tune. But anything over 6 psi, you really need to get it dyno tuned.

You know there a quite a few engine managment systems out there that can deal with the electronics in our cars. Sniper engine managment, SCT, Diablosport, Pectel, and even Cosworth all have applications that work or can be made to work on our cars.

Sct would be a start , just install the turbo and such , and have a sct dealer dyno the car and burn a chip. Just remember if you have stock internals , only run 5.0 -6.7psi . Dyno tuning will be $300-500 to get it right , pulling 190hp-200+tq depending on engines condition , mile etc…Good luck